Saturday, March 20, 2010

When I was sure of winning, I lost.

When I was in College, I used to take foreign language course, which is French. On my first sem on that subject, I felt like I made a wrong choice. It was not that easy. I studied more on this subject than my other major course.

Every meeting, Mr. D., my French prof, would teach us French activity and afterwards he would give a graded recitation. One wrong pronunciation or even spelling, you won't get a star. But, if you did right, the brightest star's for you.

Each one of us wanted to get one. We were forced to study HARD. Since, most of my block mates already got one, I was challenged. I studied the night before the recitation. I even didn't get enough sleep just to memorize all those words and practice the way of pronouncing those.

I was excited to be called. Then, Mr. D asked me. I answered it correctly. I was so sure of it. He asked me to write it just to see if I know even the way of writing it.

TRIVIA: In French language, every word has a gender. Whether it's feminine or masculine. So you must know the right construction of words.

"Oh, you're wrong. You missed one letter."

Why did I brag this stuff? 'Cus, while I'm on my saddest moment of my life, I remember what he said to me after seriously studied all his lessons. "You almost got a star but, you made a mistake." With just that one letter, I failed to get a star! Oh kill me now.

It was like my experience in applying for Asiana. I almost reached up to the final screening but, I failed. I'm seriously in pain. Dinaig ko pa ang broken hearted.

Lord, help me find my way. I'm on the verge of breaking down. It really hurts to know that I've come so close but, still, I'm far. Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider? I don't know which way to go. Help me! Guide me! :'(


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"I've come so close but, still I'm far!"-R.

Yes! The result of Asiana Final screening already came out. And TRI started to send out emails to those who made it. I DID NOT RECEIVE ONE.

I'm not in the mood to talk about it. I'm in pain. SERIOUSLY.

kthanksbye. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saudia: CC Openings

i've been seeing a lot of Job posting about Saudia FA job opening. But, I'm hesitant to apply because they're requiring 22y/o and with flying experience. Eh, I'm still 21, and a fresh grad. I already lose hope since all of the ads required 22y/o. 
Yes, I stil have a chance!! We all still have a chance. APPLY NOW.  

Monday, March 15, 2010

It makes me more nervous.

Suddenly, I just don't wanna hear or see something related to Asiana. I don't wanna think about it. I don't want to open my email. Cus, it makes me more nervous.

Then, I found out earlier that Ms. Joyce, the one who did the pre-screening at Asiana Airlines and my Grade School classmate/seatmate are related to each other. I think they're siblings. And that fact really makes me more nervous. Maybe I could ask her to ask Ms. Joyce about the results. Pathetic! Haha.

Well, I hope Transresources will release already the results of the final screening within this week. Sigh.

In or out I'll still continue my dream of becoming one. I will still keep my faith to achieve it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

PAL: Impact Interview (1)

Hi Everyone!

I've been thinking about what to write on my blog. Cus seems like it was only Asiana thing was written here. And it gets me more nervous everytime I see it. So now, I'll share to you my Philippine Airlines experience.

January 2009 when PAL came over to our school for a career fair. I wasn't able to signed up personally because I was not in the school when they were schedule to come. But I asked my friend to get the flyer stating all the job openings and qualifications. I applied thru online.

February of the same year when I heard a lot of my classmates are having their impact interview with PAL. I could have join their batch if only I signed up the day they came to school. Sigh. Good thing about this, I already know what to do, and what to expect. Fishing around. :)

It was already march and we're practicing our graduation rites when I got a text from PAL asking me to call them immediately. But I didn't. Cus I know they will schedule me within the week when I know I can't make it because we were not allowed to miss one grad practice.

They messaged me the next day, still, asking me to call them. I found out that my friend also got a text from them, so we decided to call them. Thinking na magsasabay kami sa schedule ng interview. Pathetic! haha.

And yes! Sabay nga kami ng day ng impact interview. We immediately looked for reasons to be absent on our grad practice. We asked for the dean's permission about it and she said that we just attend the morning session and leave at lunch time. Good bives!

Here it goes.

We arrived at the PNB around 1pm. Ms. Agnes came in and started to discuss the benefits and stuff of Philippine Airlines. I wasn't listening at all cus, I don't know, it was boring, I'm sleepy, and I was nervous. And then the interview started.

There were 45 aspirants for this position and I was the first one to talk.
  • Self introduction (anything actually you wanna say)
  • Walk in the aisle
  • Face in front and at the back
  • Walk 3 steps towards the panel's table
  • Check the skin, elbows, teeth and face.
I knew right there and then that I won't make it. Cus I have a scar in my arms and birthmark. Plus my hair was pitifully tied up. But still had the courage to get in.

When everyone was done, each aspirants were called and gave a piece of paper. ALPHABETICALLY. Better not to receive one cus for sure you either made it or not. Sincve it was alphabetical, I was confused why my name wasn't called. Eh, ako nga ang pinakaunang nagsalita.

About 3-5 girls stayed in the room including me. I thought I made it. Well, somehow I did. Ms. Agnes gave me a piece of paper with a remark: ITR. She sid I was considered for another position. A ground Steward position.

I grab the opportunity and took the exam for that position but, since I really wanted the FA post, I didn't continue my application.

to be continued.....
(that's why it was stated in the title "impact int (1)" cus there's part 2. hehe)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Asiana Airline: Final Screening

I was very ecstatic when I received an email from Ms. Joyce.

Oh yeah! I was considered for the Final screening. It was really unexpected knowing that there were a lot of good looking girls during the First Screening. Plus the fact that I was stutterring during our panel interview. Almost screwed up.

I actually didn't prepared much for this interview. Ewan ko ba. All I know is, korean panelist will ask about current events. Crap! I'm not a news junkie.

Here it goes. I decided to leave the house early because I thought the interview will going to be a first come first serve basis again. Ayoko ng mag-hintay at kabahan ulit ng matagal. Since the final screening will start at 8:30am, I left the house around 6:30am. It was Monday. Hello traffic! I only took cab since I don't have my license (read my previous post) and my car was color coding.

I arrived at the Lighthouse at exactly 8am. When I entered the hall, Ms. Joyce was already calling out names. For the seating arrangement, I guess. At 8:45am, the english proficiency exam started. It ended exactly 30mins after. Then, Ms. joyce started giving out our numbers. I was part Batch 6 no. 6. Then a thought came out. 6-6? Hindi ba malas yun?

And the panel interview started. I, again, waited for 2hours for our turn. At 11:00am, Ms. Joyce told our batch to line up already because after the panel's break it will be our turn. I got a word from Ms. Joyce, "R. Don't forget to smile ha, masyado kang seryoso, eh." That's the time I started shaking. UBER SHAKING.

We followed the arrows, walking like a real flight attendant. This is so cute. Hehe :) One korean panel gave each of us a peice of paper containing our question. Here's mine.

Good thing I was an active student in school, I have something to answer. They asked us to sit down 'cause they will ask questions. They asked first the japanese girl. Though they were not asking me yet, I see to it that I give my best smile to them. Kahit mahirap. I was looking at the koreans, smiling, when I noticed that one korean panel was staring at me. He even search for my file and started looking at it. He threw out a question.

  • Do you know the life of a flight attendant?
I can barely hear him plus his accent. Erg! I answered, confidently. Then a foolow up question from the other korean.
  • So, Is it easy or what?
I answered. Then, SMILE. The other panel asked me to remove my bangs from my face because he wants to see my forehead. They asked us to stand 'cause they will look at our skin.

When we went outside the panel room, two koreans asked us to fall in line for the picture taking and for the reach test. Good thing I was able to reach the 218cm. Ang taas niya, promise!

Well, that's the end of my kwento. I'm just hoping that I will receive the golden email from them. Ms. Joyce said that the results will be out at the end of March. So 2-3weeks from now. My plan is to finish everything with regards to my teeth. Para pagdating sa medical, cleared agad. :)


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Asiana Airline: Initial Assessment day

Hello. Imma share to you all the dead-tiring assessment day.

Arrived at 8:35am at the Lighthouse in Port Area. Actually, it was really 8:10, but I had a hard time looking for a lot to park my car. I think Lighthouse should provide parking lots for those like me. Such a waste of time searching for a safe place to park your car. Sigh!

I saw few aspirants coming. I thought I was too early, when log on and saw that I was the 113th applicant already. I thought we're only 30plus applicants who were shortlisted.

We were all gathered in one hall and I was seated at the back. I'm such a loner, right? I felt like I don't have friends in the world. Lahat sila magka-kaibigan. I found out that they came from the same company. Like the other group was from Japan Airlines, the other was from Cebu Pacific, etc... And me? I'm from the other planet. Huh?!

While I was looking around, Ms. Joyce called each applicant and arranged it by group with members of 5. Whew! I just said to myself, "Wala! Talo na 'ko, ang daming magaganda." Yes, you read it right. Ang daming magaganda. Sigh times 5.

I waited for 3 hours and yet, 100 plus applicants were not called. They said the screening per group will only last for 10mins.

I waited... and waited... and waited... until.

12nn, LUNCH BREAK. I was thinking if I will take my lunch but, I don't know where. A lot of applicants stayed in the hall so I decided to stay also.

1pm resume, then BROWNOUT. They opened the generator and voila! started again the 2nd batch screening.

around 1:45pm my name was called. I was shaking while waiting. I looked myself in the mirror and saw that the mirror I was holding was shaking. LITERALLY shaking. Hahaha! I was practicing my smile but still couldn't stop myself in shaking.

And it's already our turn. Our group entered a room, walking down the ramp like a Flight Attendant, following the arrows. Very cute. :)

  • Self Introduction
  • QUESTION: Thinking we are already flight attendants, a terrorist aprroach us, what are we going to do?

Good thing I was the 2nd one to answer. I have time to think. :)) After we all answered the question, one of the panel said "If ever you're not hired as a Flight Attendant, I'll recommend you to the swat team" And we all laughed.

I went home immediately because I was really really sleepy and tired. As I was driving home, I was thinking of my answer. "Did I answered it right? Am I confident enough?" Then I noticed the traffic enforcer was waving at me. Oh crap! VIOLATION.

TE (Traffic enforcer): ma'am, swerving po kayo. Maling mali naman 'yon.
Me: Talaga?
TE: Patingin lisensya.
TE: O, tikitan na kita?
Me: eh ano pa nga ba?
TE: Sa manila city hall 'to ah.
Me: k.

Naisip ko tuloy, maybe it's a sign. BAD SIGN. Wag naman sana.

Asiana Airline: CV submission

Feb 06, 2010, as soon as I've seen the post ad at the workabroad website, I immediately fixed all the required papers and rushed to the Transresources office.

Monday morning, I arrived at their office and looked for the person to visit, Ms. Joyce. She is very accomodating. She asked me to fill up the application form and answer the essay: "SELF-INTRODUCTION: Tell us something about yourself and your future goals." I passed it all to her, the form, and the required papers.

A little interview happened.
  • Where did ou find our job opening?
  • Did I email you for an invitation?
  • Tell me something about yourself. (She cuts me in every word I say, "I'm a grad of Comm Arts a---" "Why did you chose Comm Arts?")
  • Why do you want to be a Cabin crew?
"Complete first all the requirements and I will email you if you are shorlisted"

Yun lang.k.bye :)


I went back to Trans office to pass all the lacking requirements. Mr. Edgar (I think) told me the same thing Ms. Joyce last uttered me. Then 5secs before he said that, Ms. Joyce handed me a piece of paper. Since she was interviewing other applicant I couldn't ask her what that paper means. Mr. Edgar said "O shortlisted ka na pala, that's the details of the Initial Assessment." I thought they will email all the details.

March 2 I received an email.

Oh okay. bye.
"To God be the Glory"