Thursday, March 4, 2010

Asiana Airline: Initial Assessment day

Hello. Imma share to you all the dead-tiring assessment day.

Arrived at 8:35am at the Lighthouse in Port Area. Actually, it was really 8:10, but I had a hard time looking for a lot to park my car. I think Lighthouse should provide parking lots for those like me. Such a waste of time searching for a safe place to park your car. Sigh!

I saw few aspirants coming. I thought I was too early, when log on and saw that I was the 113th applicant already. I thought we're only 30plus applicants who were shortlisted.

We were all gathered in one hall and I was seated at the back. I'm such a loner, right? I felt like I don't have friends in the world. Lahat sila magka-kaibigan. I found out that they came from the same company. Like the other group was from Japan Airlines, the other was from Cebu Pacific, etc... And me? I'm from the other planet. Huh?!

While I was looking around, Ms. Joyce called each applicant and arranged it by group with members of 5. Whew! I just said to myself, "Wala! Talo na 'ko, ang daming magaganda." Yes, you read it right. Ang daming magaganda. Sigh times 5.

I waited for 3 hours and yet, 100 plus applicants were not called. They said the screening per group will only last for 10mins.

I waited... and waited... and waited... until.

12nn, LUNCH BREAK. I was thinking if I will take my lunch but, I don't know where. A lot of applicants stayed in the hall so I decided to stay also.

1pm resume, then BROWNOUT. They opened the generator and voila! started again the 2nd batch screening.

around 1:45pm my name was called. I was shaking while waiting. I looked myself in the mirror and saw that the mirror I was holding was shaking. LITERALLY shaking. Hahaha! I was practicing my smile but still couldn't stop myself in shaking.

And it's already our turn. Our group entered a room, walking down the ramp like a Flight Attendant, following the arrows. Very cute. :)

  • Self Introduction
  • QUESTION: Thinking we are already flight attendants, a terrorist aprroach us, what are we going to do?

Good thing I was the 2nd one to answer. I have time to think. :)) After we all answered the question, one of the panel said "If ever you're not hired as a Flight Attendant, I'll recommend you to the swat team" And we all laughed.

I went home immediately because I was really really sleepy and tired. As I was driving home, I was thinking of my answer. "Did I answered it right? Am I confident enough?" Then I noticed the traffic enforcer was waving at me. Oh crap! VIOLATION.

TE (Traffic enforcer): ma'am, swerving po kayo. Maling mali naman 'yon.
Me: Talaga?
TE: Patingin lisensya.
TE: O, tikitan na kita?
Me: eh ano pa nga ba?
TE: Sa manila city hall 'to ah.
Me: k.

Naisip ko tuloy, maybe it's a sign. BAD SIGN. Wag naman sana.

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