Thursday, March 4, 2010

Asiana Airline: CV submission

Feb 06, 2010, as soon as I've seen the post ad at the workabroad website, I immediately fixed all the required papers and rushed to the Transresources office.

Monday morning, I arrived at their office and looked for the person to visit, Ms. Joyce. She is very accomodating. She asked me to fill up the application form and answer the essay: "SELF-INTRODUCTION: Tell us something about yourself and your future goals." I passed it all to her, the form, and the required papers.

A little interview happened.
  • Where did ou find our job opening?
  • Did I email you for an invitation?
  • Tell me something about yourself. (She cuts me in every word I say, "I'm a grad of Comm Arts a---" "Why did you chose Comm Arts?")
  • Why do you want to be a Cabin crew?
"Complete first all the requirements and I will email you if you are shorlisted"

Yun lang.k.bye :)


I went back to Trans office to pass all the lacking requirements. Mr. Edgar (I think) told me the same thing Ms. Joyce last uttered me. Then 5secs before he said that, Ms. Joyce handed me a piece of paper. Since she was interviewing other applicant I couldn't ask her what that paper means. Mr. Edgar said "O shortlisted ka na pala, that's the details of the Initial Assessment." I thought they will email all the details.

March 2 I received an email.

Oh okay. bye.
"To God be the Glory"

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