Thursday, March 11, 2010

PAL: Impact Interview (1)

Hi Everyone!

I've been thinking about what to write on my blog. Cus seems like it was only Asiana thing was written here. And it gets me more nervous everytime I see it. So now, I'll share to you my Philippine Airlines experience.

January 2009 when PAL came over to our school for a career fair. I wasn't able to signed up personally because I was not in the school when they were schedule to come. But I asked my friend to get the flyer stating all the job openings and qualifications. I applied thru online.

February of the same year when I heard a lot of my classmates are having their impact interview with PAL. I could have join their batch if only I signed up the day they came to school. Sigh. Good thing about this, I already know what to do, and what to expect. Fishing around. :)

It was already march and we're practicing our graduation rites when I got a text from PAL asking me to call them immediately. But I didn't. Cus I know they will schedule me within the week when I know I can't make it because we were not allowed to miss one grad practice.

They messaged me the next day, still, asking me to call them. I found out that my friend also got a text from them, so we decided to call them. Thinking na magsasabay kami sa schedule ng interview. Pathetic! haha.

And yes! Sabay nga kami ng day ng impact interview. We immediately looked for reasons to be absent on our grad practice. We asked for the dean's permission about it and she said that we just attend the morning session and leave at lunch time. Good bives!

Here it goes.

We arrived at the PNB around 1pm. Ms. Agnes came in and started to discuss the benefits and stuff of Philippine Airlines. I wasn't listening at all cus, I don't know, it was boring, I'm sleepy, and I was nervous. And then the interview started.

There were 45 aspirants for this position and I was the first one to talk.
  • Self introduction (anything actually you wanna say)
  • Walk in the aisle
  • Face in front and at the back
  • Walk 3 steps towards the panel's table
  • Check the skin, elbows, teeth and face.
I knew right there and then that I won't make it. Cus I have a scar in my arms and birthmark. Plus my hair was pitifully tied up. But still had the courage to get in.

When everyone was done, each aspirants were called and gave a piece of paper. ALPHABETICALLY. Better not to receive one cus for sure you either made it or not. Sincve it was alphabetical, I was confused why my name wasn't called. Eh, ako nga ang pinakaunang nagsalita.

About 3-5 girls stayed in the room including me. I thought I made it. Well, somehow I did. Ms. Agnes gave me a piece of paper with a remark: ITR. She sid I was considered for another position. A ground Steward position.

I grab the opportunity and took the exam for that position but, since I really wanted the FA post, I didn't continue my application.

to be continued.....
(that's why it was stated in the title "impact int (1)" cus there's part 2. hehe)

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