Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Asiana Airline: Final Screening

I was very ecstatic when I received an email from Ms. Joyce.

Oh yeah! I was considered for the Final screening. It was really unexpected knowing that there were a lot of good looking girls during the First Screening. Plus the fact that I was stutterring during our panel interview. Almost screwed up.

I actually didn't prepared much for this interview. Ewan ko ba. All I know is, korean panelist will ask about current events. Crap! I'm not a news junkie.

Here it goes. I decided to leave the house early because I thought the interview will going to be a first come first serve basis again. Ayoko ng mag-hintay at kabahan ulit ng matagal. Since the final screening will start at 8:30am, I left the house around 6:30am. It was Monday. Hello traffic! I only took cab since I don't have my license (read my previous post) and my car was color coding.

I arrived at the Lighthouse at exactly 8am. When I entered the hall, Ms. Joyce was already calling out names. For the seating arrangement, I guess. At 8:45am, the english proficiency exam started. It ended exactly 30mins after. Then, Ms. joyce started giving out our numbers. I was part Batch 6 no. 6. Then a thought came out. 6-6? Hindi ba malas yun?

And the panel interview started. I, again, waited for 2hours for our turn. At 11:00am, Ms. Joyce told our batch to line up already because after the panel's break it will be our turn. I got a word from Ms. Joyce, "R. Don't forget to smile ha, masyado kang seryoso, eh." That's the time I started shaking. UBER SHAKING.

We followed the arrows, walking like a real flight attendant. This is so cute. Hehe :) One korean panel gave each of us a peice of paper containing our question. Here's mine.

Good thing I was an active student in school, I have something to answer. They asked us to sit down 'cause they will ask questions. They asked first the japanese girl. Though they were not asking me yet, I see to it that I give my best smile to them. Kahit mahirap. I was looking at the koreans, smiling, when I noticed that one korean panel was staring at me. He even search for my file and started looking at it. He threw out a question.

  • Do you know the life of a flight attendant?
I can barely hear him plus his accent. Erg! I answered, confidently. Then a foolow up question from the other korean.
  • So, Is it easy or what?
I answered. Then, SMILE. The other panel asked me to remove my bangs from my face because he wants to see my forehead. They asked us to stand 'cause they will look at our skin.

When we went outside the panel room, two koreans asked us to fall in line for the picture taking and for the reach test. Good thing I was able to reach the 218cm. Ang taas niya, promise!

Well, that's the end of my kwento. I'm just hoping that I will receive the golden email from them. Ms. Joyce said that the results will be out at the end of March. So 2-3weeks from now. My plan is to finish everything with regards to my teeth. Para pagdating sa medical, cleared agad. :)


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